Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Under the table

I remember that when the peaches were being harvested at my grandfather's hobby farm in Midland, Texas, my mother and grandmother would busy themselves "puttin' up" peaches. This was before the fuzz on peaches had been bred out of them. I loved peaches, but after eating one all around my mouth would itch. I was about two years old. Standing on the front seat beside either my father or grandfather, I would have my left arm resting on their shoulders while they would check the peaches... and there I would be slurping peach juice from a peach cupped in a paper napkin. Life just couldn't get any better.

I somehow felt like the best spot in the kitchen was under the table trying to imitate my mother and grandmother peel peaches. They chatted away and I concentrated on imitating them, peeling and slicing. I think back on this and remember the cool floor and the smell of fresh fruit. Life was so good!!

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LMH said...

You are a wonderful storyteller and historian. I can just picture you peeling those peaches!