Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day - My father never forgot!

Calvin C. Boykin, Jr.

My father was so proud of this kilt even though the picture was taken
in a professional photography studio.
I just had to post this picture after reading
Laura Gunn's posting on her blog.

My father's book
Gare La Bete
(Beware the Beast)
A History of the
814th Tank Destroyer Battalion

A random page from my father's book.
He wanted every soldier's story told.. even the ones
who did not survive.

My father shortly before he passed away.
He visited Virginia Beach during his attendance at the
reunion of the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion.

We always knew that our father welcomed every day since he was
fortunate to come
home from war. So many he knew did not.

I thank my father for teaching us how important it is never to forget.