Monday, March 22, 2010

Las Islas Ranch

Las Islas Ranch
Photo by Brandon Boykin

     We spent the weekend at Las Islas Ranch, our deer lease, for a much-needed rest. The usual chores that needed to be done such as check deer blinds that may have tipped over (lots of high winds lately), check the "Lab-lab" (protein feed for the deer), check watering stations... of which a leak was found,  and then gather mesquite firewood.
     We cooked chicken the first night and then steak the second night. There is always lots of great food. Other "members" at the ranch are good friends, so it is very much a time for socializing.
     Sunday morning I cooked a "cowboy breakfast" which was sauteed onion, bacon and left-over steak all cooked within the scrambled eggs. A friend baked whole-wheat biscuits. We all sat on the patio of our duplex, drinking coffee, eating out breakfast and watching the most beautiful cardinals, kisskadees, doves, and green jays. It was great to be with these wonderful friends. We all felt very blessed.