Monday, February 7, 2011

Aluminum brightened their homes


I love writing about "Jean", my maternal grandmother.
She was quite the character. She insisted we call her by her first name since she was "too young to be a grandmother"! 
Never mind... I really did not know that "Jean" was a first name. I just knew that it stood for my grandmother!
She arrive from Italy with her mother and two older sisters 
when she was just nine years old. Someday I need to write
about the adventure of the trip.
Her father met them at the ship at Ellis Island. 
He was already employed by the Ithaca, N. Y. transit system which as I understand included the trolley cars.
The aluminum crumber below was purchased by her
mother. As I remember the story, my great-grandmother
bought it at Niagra Falls about the time aluminum was being used for household items. Jean gave the crumber to me early in my marriage and of course I have always cherished it. 

The aluminum dish, shaped like a leaf, was a wedding gift to my parents when they married in 1946. My mother used it
often in her home decorating. It's definitely a cherished, sentimental piece to me.

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