Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh for the table and all in RED!

My husband brought home fresh cherries from
Sam's late last week. He was disappointed in their
flavor... so they sat. I "pitted" them and cooked them
in some sugar water, later added some cornstarch to thicken

Then, there were the fresh beets that were sold at our
church Farmer's Market which we hold on Sundays.
I had always avoided cooking fresh beets because of all that
red. On a whim I decided to give it a try. Besides, with my
new black sink, who would see the red??

Here are the beets after I cooked them for an hour
in simmering water. I cooled them just a bit and the skin came off easily. I diced them up and let them cool a little more I mixed up some thicken cornstarch, sugar and a bit of the red water the beets had been cooked in. I added this mixture to the beets and also added a tablespoon of butter.

Here is the finished product with the cherries.
It's my old Topsy Turvy Cobbler recipe from
Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls.
I have used this recipe several times on this blog...
hope no one is getting tired of it!

I'm thrilled to have done some cooking so that I can
link to two blogs I really enjoy...