Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Mosaic Monday north of the Rio Grande River!

Collage on the Rio!

Here are just a few pictures from the hunting ranch... which is 25 miles north of the Rio Grande River and the border with Mexico.

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"Salad and Sundaes" at church

Around 7:00 A.M. my wonderful husband was out grilling vegetables and chicken breasts for a salad that I wanted to take to church for what we call "Salads and Sundaes" .... salad, ice cream sundaes and of course, our usual church.

We never grill that early in the morning, so even Tigger, our old man kitty, was curious enough to start wandering around the house, meowing.

I seasoned everything with our new magic ingredient...

Chorizo de San Manuel - All Purpose Seasoning.
It has just the right amount of spice... without being spicy-hot.

My husband proceded to grill seasoned chicken breasts, eggplant, fresh corn, and yellow squash. I didn't realize that the corn should not have been shucked, but it still turned out great. In the meantime my husband of 40 years told me how when he was a teenager, during corn season he would come home from school, light a fire in the barbecue pit and grill corn for a snack. Now that's a man who likes his corn!
I'd never heard that story. I got sort of tickled over that.

The veggies were grilled and so yummy. I could barely keep from digging in prematurely. I them come to room temperature before making the salad. In the meantime, I prepared the Romaine lettuce.. in very small bites, chopping green bell pepper, green onion (decided I'll use purple onion next time), tiny tomatoes, and rinsed black beans. I chopped up the cooked chicken breasts and began mixing it all together.
The grilled veggies were cut in tiny pieces.
I did add some grated Parmesan cheese for whatever reason... I'm not sure.
When I got to church I added cut-up avocados and homemade vinigrette
dressing. I ground fresh black pepper and added a little sea salt.

It was pretty yummy and not a bite was left to take home!