Tuesday, August 31, 2010

White Wednesday - Ruby's Ceramics

Ruby's Ceramics
ca. 1948

My paternal grandmother's name was "Ruby", but to
us she was "Mother 'B'" ... or rather to us children,
"Bum B". Sounds probably funny but I think she
liked it. She never corrected us... and she would have had she not approved of something we said or did.
Mother "B" liked painting ceramics. She went with
other ladies to enjoy some girl talk.
One time I actually was allowed to go with her.
I was probably about three.
She was working on a ceramic head of a woman who
was wearing a hat.
All of the ladies there sat around an oblong table with all of their supplies. They were so well dressed... I especially remember that.
She made the ceramic mugs in the picture above
and used lettering to name each mug after members
of the family.
The small mug has my nickname on it.
I was the only child to get a mug, so I am sure that
she did this before my three siblings were born.
All of this took place in Midland, Texas.


Actually, in high school my grandmother changed the spelling of her name. When the picture above was taken she was about fifteen years old and spelling her name "Rubye".
She was an only child and her mother loved taking
pictures of her daughter.
I am fortunate to have many of my grandmother's photo albums showing her primarily in her high school years. She enjoyed a very full social life and was active in school events such as plays.
It's so much fun to flip the pages of her albums and
see my grandmother having a good time with
She was always very social and enjoyed having
many girl friends throughout her life... staying in touch through the years with many of them.

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