Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jean's Home

My parents stood in front of Jean's home the day after Jean's funeral. (Jean would have loved her funeral Mass... the priest sang all of it.. and had written the music. Just thought I would add that.) The right side of the house is lopped off in the picture. From what I understand, an attorney from Houston has bought it and is remodeling it. I had the chance to go inside and could not believe that even though the kitchen had been redone, it still smelled the same.


My grandmother, "Jean" (Giovaninni was her given name) was such a talented woman. She was a one-woman band - decorate a home, cook a huge Italian/Sicilian meal and run a dress shop while she juggled family duties and club work. She was a woman of tremendous energy. My father begged her at the age of 90 to sit and relax. Her reply to him was, "You sit; you die". She was a wild woman though with a can of gold spray paint. Mirrors, picture frames, furniture even would get a coat of gold paint to liven up a room. We always joked that if we stood still long enough she would spray paint us gold as well. I loved her home and even considered building a replica of it. I might have had a better floor arrangement had I done so. I'll post a picture of her home soon. I loved it.

Jan Karon and "fan"

I am switching topics for the moment as choosing between hardwood floors and "engineered" wood floors is making my head hurt. (Actually not making the decision... the problem seems to be a salesman who thinks he is going to "save" me by insisting upon engineered wood. The clincher today was him telling me that I will love it. "It's as hard as tile." THE very reason why I want hardwood floors... it is easier on my back and knees. Okay... back to a far, far different topic...)
Two years ago I flew to Blowing Rock, North Carolina to enjoy a few days with a group of readers who enjoy Jan Karon just as much as I do. I am pictured here with Ms. Karon. I can tell you she is absolutely wonderful. The next gathering of this group will be in 2011 in Ireland. I do hope to make that trip. Check out the Mitford series books if you want some enjoyable reads.