Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yes, Virginia... there ARE people who like fruitcake!

English Dainties and Fruitcake

I just love our English Dainty recipe story. My grandfather was managing the large hotel in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The chef working there would make this wonderful recipe called English Dainties. My grandmother (Mother "B" who has been featured in my postings in the past) wanted the recipe for the bar cookies with the slightly tangy frosting. The chef would not give her the recipe... so my grandmother bought it! For $100 (and mind you this was back in the early 1940's) the chef sold the recipe to her. It's just not Christmas without it.

Now as for the fruitcake. Yummo! And if you are on a fairly strict gluten-free diet, this recipe qualifies. It's just candied fruit, sweetened condensed milk, coconut and nuts. I suppose fruitcake can be one of those "acquired" cravings. I never much cared for it as a child, but love it now.

I remember that when we would receive a fruitcake in the mail and as often times would happen... it would go stale before being eaten. My mother would pour a little bourbon over it, wrap it in cheese cloth and store it in the freezer for next year. Next Christmas she would thaw the fruitcake, slice it, dredge it in powdered sugar and serve it that way. All of the adults would rave over it!

Tune in tomorrow if you are interested in recipes.

Ruby Opal Heath Boykin - "Mother 'B'"
1907 - Rochelle, Texas