Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Indiana Jones

Calvin Clay Boykin, Jr.

October 23, 2008 was a bitter-sweet day for me. My father left us for his next big adventure... and to join my mother who passed away just four months earlier.

My father was my "Indiana Jones". He was a man of adventure and a man with the best will to do right. He was a fine Christian, not in word so much, but in action. He traveled the world, most of the time with my mother. They were married to adventure and did their part in uniting mankind for the good of peace and understanding. A young soldier in World War II, he served bravely and later became a historian for as many of the men he had served with and admired. He was an author of many articles and books, he helped many to understand what war was about and how war most of time defined a person's character.

He was a devoted and loving husband, father, son, brother and friend to many. Even the postman shed tears upon learning of my father's passing.

It is hard to write more about my father. He would be so embarrassed. Just know that 365 days ago this world lost one of the finest men God placed on this earth.

My father told his doctor as he received a report of bad news from him, "I've lived a good life, had a good wife, had a good family, done more than I ever thought I would... and then some." My father was forever saying, "Just keep putting one foot in front of the other."

I'm doing just as you taught me, Daddy. I love you.

First Cup of Coffee

Here I am with my first cup of coffee for the day. You may wonder why there is a small shaker of turmeric by this "Cuppa Joe".... well, my doctor (doctor of internal medicine who happens to be from India) diagnosed me with osteopinia... a precursor to osteoporosis. It is a refersible condition if I mind my P's and Q's. My doctor did tell me though that in her native country turmeric is a very common spice. One of its attributes is that it helps to ease the pain of achy joints. As soon as I left my doctor's office last Friday I headed straight for my local grocery store and bought fresh turmeric. The bottle in my spice cabinet had to be at least five years old. She told me it would just take a pinch daily in a cup of warm, sweetened milk. Since I am not a fan of warm milk (at all!) I chose to put it in my first cup of coffee every morning. I was told it would probably take six weeks to notice a difference, so this is purely an experiment for me. Just thought I would share this bit of information with you. And there's just nothing like that first cup of coffee... even with turmeric... which I cannot taste.