Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Treasure Shop

The Treasure Shop in Dickinson, Texas was a beautiful place for ladies to shop in the 1950's. Jean, my grandmother, and Rosemary, my mother, are pictured here, probably waiting for the next customer to arrive.

I loved going to the Treasure Shop. My younger sister and I (age probably, 10) would entertain ourselves by "posing" as mannequins in the very large picture window in the front of the store. Jean would actually allow us to do this! We would stand in some dramatic form, perfectly still, trying not to giggle. Then when we knew we had someone's attention we would wave and laugh! More than once we nearly caused and accident right outside my grandmother's shop.

We went so far as to "entertain" customers when they came into the shop. Jean would have us sing and act out "Dance with me, Henry! No! No, baby!" We just knew eveyone was thrilled by our charm. Ha! I wonder how much business my grandmother actually lost. It's just so much fun to think back that far and remember such fun times. You can read more about Jean and Rosemary in my older posts.