Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ready for Tabletop Tuesday

Tabletop Tuesday - Ready to Entertain

Maybe this fits more under a tablescape, but if you
look closely I am featuring my peacocks that I love so dearly. My mother had these on her mantel in her home for
several years that I was aware of. I had no idea they would be considered an "heirloom" but after looking at pictures of
my grandmother's home back in the 1950's, I saw them on
her mantel as well. That was AFTER I had chosen them to be a part of my household after the passing of my parents.
They can still be found in antique stores I have been told... and if I saw one or a pair someday in a store... I would then
start my "peacock rescue club".

Today I am linking to
A Stroll Thru Life
for Marty's 44th
Tabletop Tuesday.

Visit Marty for some very inspiring photos!

Lunch with dear friends!

Two dear, dear friends and I met for lunch yesterday.
We've known each other for over thirty years, but with
busy schedules, moves, major changes in our lives
it has taken us all these years to just sit down... the three of us... and talk. And talk we did yesterday. We didn't just talk
about small children as we would have had we been
young mothers, or the trials and tribulations of
rearing teens. That is very much in the past for us.
No, we talked about the challenges facing us as we
experience.. how do they say it, "Life on life's terms".
Smoothly our conversation would drift into our
blog world, exchanging photography tips and
sharing where and when we blog.
We realized that we had a thirst for needing to be heard.
It was a beautiful time for sharing and laying out on
the table some very tender feelings and frustrations.
Who can you ever do this with but friends
God has placed in your path?
You may know these two dear ladies.
There is Laura on the left from White Spray Paint
and Nancy from Nancy's Notes.
What a blessing they are to my life.
Yesterday truly was an early Christmas gift!

Christmas 1957

This was just one of those Christmases that as a child you just do not forget. We were at my maternal grandparents' home in Texas. I'm sure it was Christmas Eve. What I am holding up there is a REAL bottle of finger nail polish! You would have thought I was holding a beautiful piece of jewelry, but that would be in later years.
My uncle dressed up like Santa in a vintage costume. That's my mother in the beautiful skirt and black sweater. My dear little Aunt Mary Anne, seated in the chair, my little brother, Clay, who was about three at the time were all enjoying some wonderful surprises. My sister, Anne, in the red pajamas was patiently waiting her turn to receive a gift. This is just one of those very special moments in childhood that has stayed with me.