Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was called the "cloak closet" at my maternal grandparents' home. It was located inside, near the entrance to the beautiful white, colonial style home situated on three acres of land in Dickinson, Texas. The cloak closet... probably called a "coat closet" now was not only for coats, but stored winter items such as hats, gloves and furs. Cardboard boxes stored items of mystery which were just too high for my younger sister and me to reach. There was no door to the closet, just a heavy, black velvet hanging curtain. My sister and I loved sitting in the cloak closet. The smell was a mixture of moth balls and scents of unknown origin. It was downright, well... spooky! We loved to sit in there, snuggled up together and tell each other horrific tales and stories of murder and cemeteries. It was like Halloween every day. Occasionally we would scare each other so badly we would run out of the room screaming, vowing that would not return... until the next time!

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