Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show and Tell Friday - "Jean"

Giovannina (Genevieve) Elizabeth Teti DePasquale
(October 1, 1903 - April 16, 2001)

Jean was about 16 years old when she had this photograph taken in
Ithaca, New York. She had already been in the United States, for seven years, having come from Italy, learned English and graduated
 from high school.
I love this photo even though it is cracking. I am not sure where to get it repaired but I will start researching that soon.

This photograph that I also own was taken when my grandmother was about 14 years old and was a bridesmaid in her oldest sister's wedding.

This is a photograph of Jean taken in 1963.

"Jean" was my maternal grandmother. She insisted that we call her by her first name as she insisted she was much too young to be a grandmother... 45!
What a character she was.
She loved to cook, organize and entertain.
She decorated her home beautifuly.
There will be many stories about Jean in this blog as she made such an impression on me in my life.

I love Show and Tell Friday
from My Romantic Home

Jean would have loved the many beautiful things
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