Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remember My Milk Glass Punch Bowl?

Several months ago I was thrilled to find this punch bowl
in Brenham, Texas. It has 12 punch matching cups.
It reminded me of my mother's punch bowl that she used
for many years. Somehow the punch bowl was lost. All that
remained was the pedestal.. or base.

Here is a picture of my mother with the long-lost milk glass
punch bowl. My mother was the ultimate hostess!
There isn't a piece of milk glass that doesn't remind me of
her style of entertaining.
Well... today was a special day for me!

I found a punch bowl that is exactly like my mother's!
It did not come with the base, however, that did not matter. I still had my mother's!
The really special part to this was that it came from some of the sweetest friends I have. One of them you may know well.
Laura from White Spray Paint and her daughter, Lauren, are milk glass collectors.
Lauren had purchased the punch bowl sometime back
and because she has other milk glass punch bowls, she
decided she could part with this one. It was displayed in one of her Market Days that she and her mother participate in.
Right away, I got word to her that I would love it if she would set this punch bowl aside for me.
What has probably been about a 15 year quest for this
punch bowl, I am thrilled to pronounce the search over.
Thank you to two very sweet ladies!!

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