Friday, May 28, 2010

Here is a look at my "new" Fostoria - American and the Haviland - Rosalinde

I'm sure this will be seriously frowned upon.. the way I have piled the cups into this Fostoria - American punch bowl, but that is just how this happened.
The cups inside are not all punch cups. To be exact, only four of them are.
All this means is... the hunt is not over!
All signs according to a dealer state that the punch bowl is true Fostoria.
I will admit that I purchased it for a song.
I will truly enjoy this bowl in the future as I will do my best to bring back
the punch bowl tradition in my town.

This just warms my heart. There are 10 place-settings of this beautiful
Haviland china... the Rosalinde pattern to be exact. I inherited my mother and my grandmother's Rosalinde china and I love it. So, when I came across a table set with this china at an antique mall in Austin... I decided that it needed to be
"rescued". The price was so right and it was in perfect condition.

This picture does not want to enlarge, but I want to point something out to you.
The Rosaline on the left was made in France and the one on the right was
made in the U.S.A. One is slightly "creamier" than the other and the French version has a tad more gold on the rim. Who cares? Not me. Many people who collect this
pattern will mix the two. The difference is probably hardly worth pointing out.

It was interesting to me that the crystal this dealer chose to show with this Haviland china was actually the Fostoria - American. I guess I should have just said, "I'll take all that you have on top of that table!" (Sigh!)
It is not the crytal I would really use with this pattern since to me the Fostoria - American is a little too heavy.
I'm probably splitting hairs.

Needless to say, this was an enjoyable trip.

I'm linking to Debbie at "Debbiedoos". I love her picture of that first glimpse
inside an antique mall. What a thrill!