Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Karen's Korner" -- my new booth

Here is my booth!
I can't tell you how tired I am. What a day.
I thought I had too many items for the booth.
Turns out I have to start digging through boxes
tonight to find more "loot"!
I know of one purchase that was made since the lady who
picked up the two items in front of me.
Somehow, there were four other purchases made...
And I never saw customer.
Oh well...

And, yes... I will take suggestions and recomendations.
Looks like the name of my booth is
destined to be
"Karen's Korner"


Moving-into-my-booth Day -- quick posting!

My husband is honking the horn outside. Is he more excited about this than I am?? We shall see.

I'm opening a booth at a local antiques consigment mall.

This is only the beginning and my inexperience is showing. I laugh at myself thinking I had to string that little thread through all of the price tags. Ha! I bought them already strung.
Who knew?!

Okay.. third honk! I'll try to post a picture tonight.

Wish me luck!