Monday, April 9, 2012

Kreuz Market - #1 BBQ in Texas

BBQ - The National Dish of Texas

The sign on the door states,
"Vegetarians enter here,
Normal folks down the hall"

... that's where you order.

Texas Monthly rates Kreuz Market

Established in 1900 Kreuz' (pronounced "Krites")
is located in Lockhart, Texas.

The food was delicious.

Pork ribs
Spicy sausage
Soft white bread
German potato salad (contained shredded brisket)
Sauerkraut (contained shredded brisket as well!)
Cole slaw
and ice tea with lemon


Oh! And don't ask for a fork. I did and was promptly told to use my fingers.
That's the way they've done it for over a 100 years. Spoons and knives are provided.


Planning a trip to Texas?

Y'all come!

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