Friday, October 22, 2010

It's been two years - my father

This weekend will be a time of reflecting and recalling a time that most women dread the most... losing their father. It will be two years this October 23rd that my father passed away.... away to be with the Lord he served and to be with his wife, my mother who had preceeded him just four months earlier. It was hardly a surprise that my father waited until my mother was gone on. He was the caregiver, the protector, the provider. He had survived illnesses and incidents that would have done most men in, but my father persevered to the end... quietly slipping away in the night. I could hardly be sad. My parents were entirely devoted to each other, showing us, their four children, what a loving and solid marriage was all about. We miss you, Daddy, but I know Mother is probably planning a wonderful Italian dinner for you as you both celebrate a time of togetherness. That's just how I see it!