Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I love white Sunbeam Mixmasters

I suppose I was about six years old. We were living in Midland, Texas. My younger sister and I were outside "cooking"... making mud pies and just staying busy. Mother called me inside. I remember that at that age I was just above her elbow. She was standing at the kitchen counter, wearing an apron, mixing chocolate batter with her white Sunbeam Mixmaster. She looked down at me and asked me if I would like a new baby sister or brother? Sure! I told her I thought a baby brother would be real nice. She agreed. Several months later my brother was born! When he and my mother came home from the hospital, I was the first child to be allowed to hold my brother. I felt so grown up! We had bonded.


Bath time had to be an orderly procession of family members since we were a family of six. My sister, 18 months younger, a brother, 7 years younger and another brother, 15 years younger. I suspect the youngest was about four when one of the funniest events happened in our family.
Everyone was either reading, watching television, working on homework or doing chores. My youngest brother was splashing in the tub, as usual. I'm sure he was told at least twice to stop, however, he had a very vivid imagination and he was probably acting out a scene from one of his favorite shows, "Speedracer" or "The Rifleman". He got out of the tub, wrapped himself tightly in his towel and ran to his room. Once in there he yelled in the loudest voice possible, "Behold, the naked man of 1966!" You absolutely could have heard a pin drop in our home. Then slowly muffled sounds of laughter and a little snickering started up. Where in the world had this little boy heard such a proclamation?? We still kid my brother about this. And actually it was one of the funniest events of my teen years. I laugh out loud every time I think of it!

Saturday grocery shopping with my mother

My mother worked Monday through Friday, so Saturday was grocery shopping day... usually at Piggly Wiggly right on the boundary between College Station and Bryan. Early Saturday morning we would get out the grocery shopping specials section from Thursday's newspaper and plan our menus according to what was on sale and what was nutritious. Little did I know I was getting some of the best training a prospective wife and mother could ever need. It was several years off in the future, but for me the best part of this "task" was spending time, one on one with my mother. Being the eldest of four children it was a rare event. We sat at the same maple dinner table that I have in my own breakfast nook right now. Meals were planned carefully, with good nutrition in mind. The main course was never fried, only baked, steamed or broiled. Vegetables were always served, usually two types each meal and if not, there certainly was a salad with olive oil and wine vinegar used sparingly on top. We weren't dessert eaters, so we might pick up a bag of cookies, but often times we did not. There were plenty of apples since that was my father and sister's favorite. By Tuesday, my mother would be fussing that the apples were disappearing too fast and she limited my dad and sister to one a day. (Hey! The budget was tight. ;-) ) But the best part of that early morning shopping trip was purchasing hot dogs for Coney Islands for lunch... and they were served with Fritos... about the only time chips would be found in the Boykin household pantry. They were so good!! Now several members of our family traditionally ask for Coney Islands for their birthday meal. I will have to state that those Saturdays were the most special memory I have.
I side note to this, I just remembered how Mother would do the driving until I took Driver's Ed and then I would drive Mother.

Mother's Coney Islands

Boil 6 good hot dogs
Slather each hot dog bun - half with mustard and half with mayonnaise
Place hot dog in the bun
Top with Wolf Brand Chili
Add a little sweet pickle relish
Top with grated Velveeta Cheese
Add a few diced onions - not for the little kids though
Place in a foil-lined casserole dish (This was before Pam, you know)
Place under a broiler (not too close) until cheese is melted

Serve on paper plates with Fritos!