Monday, August 16, 2010

Toot Your Horn Tuesday -- My latest antics!

This is me - today!

Isn't this just lovely?? If you look very closely at the top of the arm... near the "ball" you can see a slight line running vertically. That is the break. I can see now why the doctor said a couple of times how fortunate I was that the break did not separate, thus requiring surgery. So, I will be laying low for a bit. Have had to cancel my trip to Austin... which is a huge disappointment to me. Why do they make slings so ugly and uncomfortable??

What happened was we went bowling with our church friends. I had not bowled in years. I didn't realize that the trend was to oil the lanes. Way too slippery for this very unathletic person. I slipped big time on the lane and landed on my shoulder. It's my right shoulder and thank goodness I am left-handed!

My husband is in Mexico on business until Saturday so I think I'm just going to vegetate for the week.

Is this what they call a "stay-cation" meaning to just lay low at home and do nothing?? No fun!

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