Thursday, October 1, 2009


Okay... it's kind of a joke.. but this is my very first attempt at joining in the "meme" madness. It just looks like(d) like so much fun. BUT I just reminded myself how much difficulty I have following directions. Oh well... it's a start... and I'm not stopping! Hang in there with me, please!

"Mimi's Chicken Recipe" - Foodie Friday

Marmalade - Catalina - Onion Soup Chicken
"Mimi's Chicken Recipe"

     This is a poorly named chicken recipe that for me dates back to the 1960's. I say that it is poorly named only because I had to think up something, because we just call it "Mimi's Chicken Recipe".  "Mimi" is what my sons called my mother. Even my sons know this dish by this name. While I was growing up, my mother worked outside the home, so when I came home from school I would start supper. This was one of our all-time favorites. Mother always had the ingredients on hand, and so do I.
     In the 60's if there was cut-up chicken to buy, we did not buy it as a whole chicken surely was cheaper. Consequently, I learned to cut up a chicken at an early age. So I would be there whacking away at the chicken, oiling the baking dish (since this was before Pam!) and mixing up just three simple ingredients. So here is the recipe for

"Mimi's Chicken Recipe"
Marmalade-Catalina-Onion Soup Chicken

1 large bottle of Catalina Dressing - the original recipe called for Russian, however, now that is pretty hard to find
1 jar of orange marmalade
1 packet of dehydrated onion soup mix

You see double the ingredients because I was cooking two chickens.

     If you want to cut a few calories, choose to cut the fat. It is important to have the sugar so that the chicken sort of "candies" on top when it is baked.
     Place cut-up chicken in a "Pam'd" baking dish and salt the pieces just a little.
     In a large bowl stir together Catalina dressing, orange marmalade and dehydrated onion soup mix. Make sure that all of the soup mix is blended in well.

Taste of the Tropics - 25 years

Thomas and Katyla at Taste of the Tropics
25 Years in Business

Thomas and Katyla opened Taste of the Tropics twenty-five years ago today! Thomas is my youngest brother. Their shop is located in Post Oak Mall in College Station, Texas ... home of Texas A&M University.
My SIL texted me last night that 25 years ago, my brother and I were sitting at the table writing out recipes for the drinks that were going to be served. Wow! I had remembered that I was there for the week to help them with the opening but had forgotten that I had assisted with recipe recording.
It was such an amazing time. The first drink served was a peach drink. I will refrain from using the word smoothie since if this word is said in the presence of my brother, it sends chills up and down his spine and he grits his teeth. He does not serve smoothies! He serves a tropical fruit drink that has a specific mixture of milk, ice and sweetening. It is blended to a stage that only brother and SIL know exactly how to achieve. There is a signature dot on each drink that has two flavors. It is a secret as to how this dot appears. I can tell you that the flavor of the dot goes all the way down the drink. Sooo yummy! Thomas figures that it takes roughly 100 "pours" to acquire the ability to make the "dot". The drink shown might be a strawberry/banana drink.
There is no telling how many employees Thomas and Katyla have hired, but one thing is for sure, if you have worked for this couple you have been through a leadership program and work experience that will last you a lifetime. They have a knack for teaching pride in one's work and dedication to business. They have set the bar high and standards attainable through teamwork and dedication.
Congratulations, Thomas and Katyla!! I love you both!