Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Rednesday!! - See my red??

I always have to look really hard for red in my home. I really like the color red but it is rarely used unless it is Christmas or Valentines Day. And since I am still putting Christmas away here is a lamp with a red lamp shade. It took Laura's White Spray Paint blog to motivate me and I jumped right over to It's a Very Cherry World to go into action. It's so amazing how I am influenced by my friends!
Look for some red in your life and post it for us to all to enjoy.

It's a Very Cherry World

Honeydew bound for the U.S.

Honeydew bound for the U.S.

This picture is taken at our packing shed in Mexico. These are very busy times for us as the demand for honeydew is increasing. Even if you do not see us in your grocery store, we might be on the restaurant buffet bars.