Friday, July 1, 2011

Bess' Bistro - Austin, Texas

Believe me when I say I am not into movies stars
and such... even though I thoroughly enjoy bling and some pizzazz! However, the
next time you are in Austin, Texas dine at Bess's Bistro for a fine lunch.
This belongs to Sandra Bullock who now calls
Austin her hometown!

Today my aunt and I enjoyed a fabulous
lunch at Bess' which is located on the famous
"6th Street".

It's not a particularly large place, however, it's
just right for a cozy, fine dining. This picture
shows a third of the restaurant.

I ordered a spinach salad with goat cheese that
was topped with an egg cooked with a Panko crust.
I am definitely going to see if I can duplicate this!!

My aunt enjoyed crepes filled with spinach, chicken
and cheese. She said is was excellent!

We had heard the fried potatoes were "to die for",
so of course we had to have some.
Oh-yes.... a wonderful Southwest seasoning was sprinkled over them. (Lip-smacking good!)

Oh my these fried green tomatoes in a creamy chipotle sauce
and topped with fresh, fresh mild-tasting arugula
was out of this world.

I would go back and order this meal all over again!

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