Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silver Casserole Holders - New Use!

By no means do I consider myself a "crafty" person.
I admire people who are though. It's just that if I can come up with something that takes me about 10 minutes tops to complete then I'm real happy ecstatic!
I bought one of the silver-plated casserole holders in an antiques store in Goliad, Texas. The other one I bought from a local Market Days event... actually from someone you probably know... Laura from White Spray Paint.
Anywho... I was decorating for a spur of the moment Easter dinner and had these two holders resting on my kitchen counter. I swear they were calling to me to be used.
So.... as you see, one became a cookbook holder and the other is a "knock-off" butler's tray. Eventually I will have a
piece of glass cut to fit the bottom of the one on the left. They probably need some polishing, but for now I am satisfied.
Each one of these casserole holders was less than $15! 
A few of my favorite cookbooks!
Rather cheesy looking decantures but, oh well...
The shaker in the middle was my paternal grandmother's.
She kept it filled with cinnamon and sugar.
In case you can't see behind the shaker, there is a white container full of silver spoons.

I am linking to Blue Creek Home for
Treasure Hunt Thursday
I'm a first-timer for this event, so I'm looking forward to
participating. Check it out!