Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hosting a Christmas Dance! - Turn your sound down!! :-)


If you read White Spray Paint
and I certainly hope you do...
You will already know that we are
in the throws of planning a
Christmas dance.
Not just any dance...
It's a recreation of a Christmas dance
we hosted in 1985.

Now rarely does anyone like looking back at
old photos where we see ourselves in goofy
hairdos and clothes (mother told us we'd be sorry
and after all these years... I will admit she was RIGHT!)
But this dance was totally the "bomb" so
over a Mexican dinner which included a few margaritas
we decided to host the dance again... same hosts.

Laura has reviewed the refreshments we are each
bringing, but we also have to come up with
a sweet as well as a savory "surprise".
Mine will be muffin paper cups of
bread pudding topped with bourbon sauce
and also I will prepare
shrimp butter served with crackers.

We'll dance to tunes from the '60's, '7o's and '80's.
Our aging joints will scream out in pain.
Our bunions will holler "stop"!
Our ears will be ringing throughout the night...
and possibly the next day.
All I can say is...

Bring it on!!

I know you're wondering... I am fifth from the left, middle row... black sparkly top and dig those false eyelashes! Miss Laura is on the far right. Now don't tell her I spilled the beans!!

I'm linking to
Colorado Lady's
Vintage Thingy Thursday.
After all... the folks in the picture are pretty vintage now!