Monday, October 17, 2011

Papaya Proud!

I'm "Papaya Proud"!!

I can't resist mentioning our new variety of papaya...
Royal Star

Actually it's my husband, our son and our two
business partners who I am really proud of.

We farm near Manzanillo, Mexico.
Our son heads up the organization down there
with two men who have been with us almost since the
My husband oversees the arrival of the papaya from
Mexico, the sales and quality control.
Our sales staff must be commended as well.

We have an exclusive on this variety of papaya.
That means we are the only growers who can
have this seed.

Not a papaya lover?
... I wasn't either...
until this papaya came on the scene.

This past weekend roughly 18,000 attendees roamed the
exhibit hall in Atlanta at PMA...
Produce Marketing Association.

My husband and son were both thrilled with the
response to our new papaya.

Good job, men!

And here it is Mosaic Monday again and once more
I am joining in over at
Little Red House for all  the fun!!
(Frankly, I'm working on perfect attendance!! lol)

Oops! Almost forgot to mention... notice the picture of the papaya cut in half? Do you see the star where the seeds are.
Yes... that's how we named this very sweet papaya.