Monday, May 3, 2010

Turmeric for the mind and for your morning coffee

As I was reading my latest AARP magazine (I know.. this tells my age ... I found an interesting article, "A Well-Seasoned Mind". It described the benefits of turmeric. A study showed that people in India have one-fourth the U.S. rate of Alzheimer's. Interesting, I've been using it since September for arthritis... as recommended by my doctor who is East Indian. She highly recommended it also for the skin. I will confess that i drink almost four cups of coffee in the morning... if you include the half-cups I toss because I do not care for nuked coffee.. and I seem to lose my coffee cup in the the mornings. Anyhow... I sprinkle turmeric in my coffee and I mean liberally. I love it. It's a great spice.

Here is a recipe from the AARP article:
2 c. cubed raw chicken
2 tsp. curry (which has turmeric in it)
Saute in olive oil until cooked and then cool
Add raisins, diced apples, chopped almonds, chopped celery, and low-fat yogurt to taste.
How healthy can you get?

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