Sunday, July 4, 2010

Those friends...

There are always a few core, special friends in your life. These are the people that no matter how many years separate your visits when you do get together, talking to them is like it's only been last week that you were enjoying time together. These are the people who might not forget the times you've been neglectful in your relationship, but they are forgiving. These are the people who do not criticize
your actions, they tolerate your spouse and rescue you when life is crumbling
around you. No thanks needed.

Memories are made, gatherings are enjoyed, we revert back 40+ years... and it's okay.
We age, we ache, we complain, we humbly share our successes and share a tear or two over failures. Some spouses change, children make us proud, some disappoint. We all understand. We all listen. We all are present when there is nothing else that can do but to be present.
We don't demand; we are patient and as we age we become even more patient. Time will take its toll on us. We will sometimes not understand what is happening to each other, but we will accept.

Sadly some will die. We will be gripped in grief and never forget. That sadness will always be present and a piece of our heart will die as well. We see our failings, but we see our growth. We begin to see that time is passing and perhaps we have wasted time and we see we could have handled that a little better and we promise not to throw anymore of it away.

And so we reunite.
It is to hold each other. See each other. Show each other that we love them. Listen to each other. Share our worries and now...
even our fears.
We know better than ever, that it is only through God's grace that we
will be together one more time. And one more time after that... we pray that it be so.
There are no friends like those friends.