Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy "B"!

Happy 108th Birthday,
Daddy "B"! 

My grandfather, Calvin C. Boykin, Jr. would have been 108 today. Born August 4, 1903 in Robert Lee, Coke County, Texas he decided at the age of about 15 that life behind a mule, working on a farm was not for him. He joined the
military, fudging on his age, as many young boys did in
those days. It was about a year before his true age was  discovered and then he got the boot. Not discouraged by this he made his way back to Texas and met a man who made his living in the hotel business. This changed my grandfather's life. He made a successful career in the hotel business in Midland and Big Spring, Texas and Portales, New Mexico.

Marrying his school sweetheart, Ruby, he started his family and enjoyed a life of hard work and many adventures. Pictured above is a photo I have posted before. This is my grandfather and father as a little boy. I would almost think this may be part of Carlsbad Caverns where the famous Jim White, who discovered the caverns and was also a friend of my grandfather's, lowered my father into the caverns in a basket.
This photo also makes me wonder if this isn't why I loved the old movie "The Champ" with Jackie Cooper starring in it. I think my dad looks a lot like Jackie Cooper, don't you?

Jo Anne, my aunt, Daddy "B's" only daughter wrote about this picture, "Cal Boykin was a successful hotel businessman in his day. One day he walked into Bradshaw Photography  Studio in Big Spring, Texas to pick up some pictures.   He was asked to pose for a few shots. It was a cold, Fall day, but his smile added lots of warmth and sunshine to those he saw. "
That truly described my grandfather... his smile was so full of warmth and sunshine you just had to smile back.

I miss you, Daddy "B"!
I know you'll be enjoying your special day in grand style.

I enjoy Vintage Thingie Thursday so much so in order to share my "Daddy 'B'" story
with other VTT posters and you I pulled out the newspaper clipping and programs
from an old suitcase of my grandfather's. It's a good feeling to know that I have some of his special keepsakes.
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