Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Juan Wayne" - it's what's for breakfast

"John Wayne"

If you were a kid at the ranch your dad, along with other dads, prepared "John Wayne" for breakfast.
This meant that all of the left over grilled meats prepared throughout the weekend were diced and cooked along with onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, maybe some left over baked potato... And the way the kids would eat it was to tell them,
"John Wayne eats this every morning for breakfast!"
It worked!!

So now along come the Petersons who cannot leave anything alone.. including the food.

I fried

I sauteed
red onion
red and green bell pepper
(Serrano chili would have been good, but didn't have any.)

I diced up the left-over meats
rib-eye steak
Polish sausage
buffalo sirloin

I then cut
4 corn tortillas
in almost 2" squares
and fried them in canola oil
until crisp. I drained them and sprinkled
sea salt over them. (No nibbling!)

Then the part I think is fun!
I buy raw flour tortillas... sometimes located where you
would find canned biscuits in your grocery store.
In a teflon pan heated to medium-high place a
raw tortilla
and allow it to puff up.
Place in a folded tea-towel.
(My opinon about tortilla warmers - the flour tortillas lose their delicate crispiness)

I didn't include a picture of beaten eggs but you know whata that looks like anyway.
Beat a
dozen eggs
Add a little milk and season with S&P.

Combine all of the sauteed veggies,
and fried corn tortillas
in a skillet.
Add beaten eggs.

Cook until done.

Scoop a serving of this delicious mixture
and place it in the warm flour tortilla.

Now, add a spoonful of salsa
and sprinkle with grated cheese.

There you go... with the Mexican twist to this,
it is now

"Juan Wayne"


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