Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red in the month of July!

Red is not a color that is in my life much, however, in the month of July I purchased several items which as you can see are RED.

The "tomato-ware" was found at a wonderful antiques store in Bryan, Texas. I bought three of the cups outside of Austin, Texas in an antiques mall. What fun it was to shop in these  
wonderful places! Perhaps it was also who I was shopping with... my brother and sister-in-law and then my aunt.

Then Saturday morning I left for Weslaco, Texas to
Mimi's Attic where I enjoyed a little shopping excursion
where some wonderful "antiquers" from the Rio Grande Valley were going out of business. Everything in their booth was 50% off.

I bought several items, but I was thrilled to find the Santa
and the Christmas tree lights... that work! These are not for
me as I plan to put together a display of Putz Village pieces
along with the Santa and the lights... sort of a vintage Christmas look. If someone buys it... fine! If not.. that is fine too. I just want to play with it. Sort of like children and toy trains.

Later in my shopping morning, I called my husband to come join me for a little browsing about. He came! He found the Hudson Bay Blanket coat... for 20 bucks. Geezz!! Well, who wants a heavy wool jacket like that in the Rio Grande Valley??  Not sure what I will do with it, but it was fun to see my husband "antiquing"!

So, here I am all inspired after a month's absence .. partly due to a very busy schedule and partly due to being sick.
It took Rednesday and my recent purchases to get me inspired. "It's a Very Cherry World" is fun and a delight to read... so make a visit to