Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rolls of white -- the family tree

My husband's family tree

It's been almost a month of working on my husband's family tree.
There is so much to update and record.
these ARE "the days of our lives"...
the passages
the good times
the sad times
the births that give us hope that there is a future
the deaths that are so final... most of the time a full, long life...
and then the times when I life is cut short
it is all in God's plan
the commitments that are strong
and the commitments that are broken
it is all recorded
history will repeat itself
life is a cycle
we just have to keep going forth
it is all in God's plan
the seed was planted
the crops continue
the harvest continues
it never ends
we create a legacy
it is all in God's plan

Enjoy White Wednesday at Faded Charm Cottage!