Friday, December 18, 2009

My First Christmas Cloche

My First Christmas Cloche

This is not as fancy as some I have seen, but it was a tricky one to do and I'm pleased. Wish this picture would show the glow from the glass balls. They are very, very heavy. I bought them in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, a "suburb" of Guadalajara. I had to hold my breath when I turned the glass cloche over with those heavy balls. I was worried the dome would crack. They are placed on a Mexican pewter cake stand.

Are you having a hard time calling it "quits" on the decorating and cooking? I keep seeing one more thing I could do. I have to stop that!

It's an unusual holiday time for us. My husband is at our business in Mexico right now and will hopefully be home on Wednesday. Just one of those things! I am definitely getting more done than if he was here, but I sure do miss him. Lucky man though... he is attending our granddaughter's Christmas program in Mexico, where our son and his family live. Hopefully I will have a picture to post at some point.

Santa - this one is enough to scare anyone!!

Santa - 1954

It's a wonder we were all tramatized by this Santa. When we would spend Christmas with my maternal grandparents, "Jean" and "Gumpy", we would be treated by a visit from Santa himself. This Santa suit dated back to the 1920's. The mask was incredibly bizarre! I remember getting so caught up in the moment of his arrival that it was perfectly okay with me that Santa either wore my grandfather's Aggie ring or my uncle's Tulane ring. What a cooincidence! In later years one of my brothers would dress in the same costume and entertain my oldest son and youngest brother. Great memories!