Monday, November 2, 2009

Bye-bye Old Kitchen

Tomorrow around 9 A.M. I will say "adios" to my 26 year old kitchen. Yes... the Formica that was only supposed to be in this kitchen for a couple of years until I  would have tile put in is going to be replaced by granite. I still like tile but I'm so lazy about upkeep I would probably not do right by it. So, the bar is going to be lowered to be level with the counter tops... thus, allowing for more space for buffet serving. I have picked out a dark sink and faucets that I drooled over. The double ovens are being replaced as well as a new cooktop. With all that came a free dishwasher... the only thing I did not need. But ya can't say "no"... so, I said "yes"! I'll try to document the progress. The man in charge of this project has promised speed and little mess. We'll see...
(Yes, that is me in the picture... fresh off the plane from Mexico... my excuse for looking a little weary!)