Friday, August 27, 2010

Show and Tell Friday - Mother's cream pitcher

Spode/Copeland Creamer

This little cream pitcher has shaped my love of ceramics probably more than anything my mother ever gave me. Poor little pitcher had a broken "arm" and Mother patched it up with a glue that has yellowed with time. The bottom of the pitcher

reads "Copeland - Spode - England".
Mother tucked a little note inside the creamer that reads,
July, 2002
Dear Karen - Spode later became Copeland. "Brown transfer of a farm scene." Is one of 3 pcs. I only have this one --
Wedding gift from Bobby and Camille.
Love, Mother

I know this little pitcher is the basis for my love of
MacKenzie-Childs, MacLachlan pattern. This little salad plate alone is $145... a reason why I have none of it!
But wouldn't my little pitcher look sweet with a grouping of this pattern??

I should find a daisy and start picking the petals. "Shall I; shall I not?"

I cannot publish a picture that includes the books to the right of my little pitcher without mentioning that these are three of my parents' books.
The red book is my mother's book that is filled with interview of
decendents of early Italian settlers in the Brazos Bottom in Texas.
The white book is her written history of our family and
their adventure coming to America.
The black book is my father's which records the history and stories
of the Seventh Armored Division during WWII.
I so miss my parents!

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