Monday, April 19, 2010

The old kitchen loses out to the new one

We built our home 27 years ago. Even then we were saying that the Formica countertops were "temporary". This picture shows my new wood floors, but they  replaced the linoleum flooring that were "temporary" as well.

It is probably hard to make out in this picture, but the counter is actually a bar ... and it was never used as the counter where the boys could do their homework or eat an after school snack... as we always saw in Better Homes and Gardens. That was because it was too narrow!

So... finally we remodeled last November! Yayy!!

Out went the Formica and in came the granite. Wow! It took three men who struggled to bring the granite into the house. It weighed over 300 pounds.
I had a black sink put it... one of those composite sinks. You can barely see the faucet, but it's really a nice one... and I love it. The old ovens are still in this picture, but a few weeks later the Thermador ovens were delivered and installed.
You can see the Thermador induction cooktop. I had beadboard put on the island and it was "antiqued"... copper colored paint underneath and black on top. With the purchase of the ovens and cooktop I got a "free" Thermador dishwasher.
The backsplash is tiny stone.

I am really enjoying having all this work space now on the counter. I'm still trying to figure out my deocrating style. I've been tied up with other things lately and just haven't gotten to it, but it will happen.

We improved on some of the other rooms, but that will be for another time.

It's so good to go back and look how far we've come with our redo! Thanks to Between Naps on the Porch!