Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hacienda Don Jose Restaurant "TlaquePasta" - Tlaquepaque, Mexico

The restaurant at our favorite B&B in Tlaquepaque
is Hacienda Don Jose. It is like a second home to us in Mexico... we have stayed there so many times.
Salvador tends bar and is quick to offer a
refreshing drink to guests.
We love the art on the walls... and I am so
sorry to say that I did not get the name of the artist.
An art critic was staying there and we asked what he thought of the paintings. He loved them and said that the eyes of the woman were absolutely captivating.
The food is delicious! You probably cannot make out that this is a chicken breast in a cream sauce with slivers of peppers... served with a medley of vegetables. My husband had just treated me to a bite of his more than excellent steak. That is the touch of brown you see on the plate.
This creme brulee has taken center stage
as THE best I have ever eaten.
Knowing this now... in the future it will be salad for me for the main course in anticipation of this creamy, thin crusted dessert... to end all desserts!

Doors to Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico

These are some of the beautiful doors that you will see on some of the buildings in Tlaquepaque, a "suburb" of Guadalajara. Usually behind these door are some of the most beautiful haciendas and landscaping.
This may be the entrance to a bed and breakfast.
The architecture in Mexico is beautiful.
The "door knobs" to these doors are elephant
heads made of metal. Amazing!