Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Salsa Mexicana at Ruby Tuesday!

Salsa Mexicana aka Pico de Gallo

This was the Salsa Mexicana we enjoyed at the beach at Las Hamacas Restaurant at Boca de Pascuales, Mexico this past week. In deep south Texas we call this pico de gallo... but in Mexico, if you order this you may get a fruit salad and then again.. they may not know what you are talking about at all. Pico de gallo translated means rooster's beak.

My recipe for Salsa Mexicana
Red, red, red tomatoes, diced
Yellow onion, diced
Seranno chili cut in half length-wise, seeds and membrane removed and then minced. (If you rub your eyes after that, you are in some trouble. So be aware that you are working with a "dangerous" substance!)
Cilantro, chopped... no stems, please
Squeeze a good amount of fresh lime over the mixture
Sprinkle with sea salt
   Add chopped avocado to this and it is even yummier. Many people add minced garlic and a little olive oil.
There are many recipes for this but this is the basic one. And it's so healthy!

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