Monday, September 19, 2011

A Bunny and My Bunnykins

I've always had a passion for Bunnykins!
While on vacation in Colorado my husband along with my cousin, Norma Jean and her husband made the rounds of some great antiques malls. I already had a few Bunnykins  plates and a cup. Somewhere in the land of unpacked boxes
from a move is my first set of Bunnykins plate, bowl and cup. But we won't go there at this time...
Not familiar with Bunnykins?

The chinaware line originated with artwork by Mary Barbara Bailey, the daughter of Cuthbert Bailey, general manager of Doulton during the 1930s. Unbeknownst to the public, Mary Barbara Bailey was not a professional illustrator, but a nun in the Augustinian Canonesses of the Lateran.[1] Introduced in 1934, Bunnykins tableware depicted Mr. and Mrs. Bunnykins and other rabbits dressed in human clothing, in colourful rural and small-town English scenes, transfer-printed on white china. The earliest pieces, signed by Vernon, are quite rare and highly prized. Bunnykins china was used by Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret and thus became a popular present given as christening and birthday gifts in middle-class English homes. -- Wikipedia

I was so thrilled to find a little over half of these dishes. They were easy to spot in these malls. I do not see them often in the malls in Texas around Houston and Austin. Interesting...

The rabbit lamp just seems to want to be there with these dishes. I found him at South Padre Island this past weekend at Tuesday Morning.

There are no new babies on the horizon in our family but surely there will be some day. These dishes and lamp will set the theme for the nursery in our home or perhaps in their parents' home. It's fun to dream...


This absolutely has nothing to do with dishes or the lamp, but when I mention my cousin Norma, then I have to share with you she and I are more like sisters.
Our mothers, even though they were aunt and niece, were much like sisters. Our mothers had a tradition of laughing it up, especially in the kitchen and then seeing who could kick the highest. Yes, they did!
Well, now Norma and I are carrying on the tradition.

So here we are... it's the crack of dawn and we are
getting ready to make the early morning drive to the airport... hence the not-so-high kick.. well, that's our excuse and we're stickin' to it!!

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