Sunday, October 31, 2010

The reunion was fantastic!

Well, here goes...
My husband enjoyed two days of golf with his
Aggie buddies on a fantastic golf course.
He rarely gets to play golf, so
this truly was a treat.
We had dinner two nights in the homes of the local Aggie friends. Such wonderful food and great visits.
We don't see everyone but maybe once a year, however,
we were fortunate to see some of the gang recently
at a wedding... which I blogged about a couple of
weeks ago.
The game was great! A&M isn't exactly known for
their terrific football record, but that Saturday
the Aggies did us proud with a win against
Texas Tech. Of course, I have to remind myself often
not to be too judgemental. Our daughter-in-law got
her medical degress from Texas Tech.
There was time for the women to take off for a few
hours of "antiquing" in Brenham which is only about
a 40 minute drive away.
Was I ever lucky to find a milk glass punch bowl!
It isn't as pretty as the one my mother had...
which is a family mystery as to where it is.
But I will enjoy it and just let it be a reminder
of hers.
On Sunday we were fortunate to be only
a two hour drive from Houston where our middle
son had just driven in the day before.
He is beginning the process of the move to Houston
from La Jolla, California.
He will return to La Jolla Thanksgiving Eve to
load up, and bring his sweet wife and our
two "grand dogs" back to Texas.
This will be the closest they have ever lived to us...
and even then it will be a six hour drive for us.
But who cares?! They'll be Texans again.
Our son, Daren.

He should get a huge award
for being the most patient husband ever!
He has seen his wife through medical school in
Lubbock, Texas, a year of research in Chicago, Illinois,
years of residency in Lubbock and then a year of
a fellowship in La Jolla, California. Mind you, he
had to get a new job with each move... and he did it.
We are hugely proud of both our son and his wife.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Reunion Time - "It's a Very Cherry World"!

 Aggie Friends - 1983

We are headed to my husband's 40th college reunion 
tomorrow at Texas A&M University.
This was one of our "unofficial" gatherings 
where I am sure you can see... a good GREAT time
was had by all. 
Incidentally, my husband and I are in front of the stairs. 
He is wearing a brown plaid shirt and I am standing in front
of him. Yes.. the one with the dark hair.
So much has happened since this 1983 photo was 
taken. More marriages, a few divorces, more children,
a few have passed on.... The usually passages of life.
We'll enjoy each others company, catch up on the latest news
and even see a few that rare appear except every ten years or so. Hopefully I'll have a spectacular collage to show off 
next week.
See ya then...
Gig'em, Aggies!! 

The Ring Dance - 1969

One of our group passes on....

Another gathering

Squadron One -freshmen 1966
Working on the bonfire
Could you ever have predicted that out of this motley crew
is a man who started a farming operation in Mexico,
the man who started Jason's Deli, the man who was
president of Southwestern Bell for Arkansas,
college professors, lawyers and judges,
and so much more... ?


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It's a Very Cherry World

Monday, October 25, 2010

Toot Your Own Horn Tuesday - "Save the Ta-Tas"

It's the month for PINK!

We all know that October is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Every year I think this cause is bigger than the year before.
This year's theme was "Save the Ta-tas"
Darling tee-shirts were sold
(sad, but good they were sold out by the time I was there to shop)
Renee's of Sharyland in Mission, Texas hosted a lovely
breakfast with all of the proceeds going to breast cancer research.
We heard from a woman who recovered from breast cancer,
a doctor and then a man around the age of 40 who had lost his wife to breast cancer... to me the most moving talk.
A lovely breakfast was served including and egg and bacon taco... with a pink tortilla, fruit with pink yogurt and a cinnamon role with pink frosting. We each received a
pink rose. It was all so impressive and got me on the ball to
make my annual check up at the MD Anderson Women's Wellness Clinic.
Have you scheduled your appointment yet?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

It's been two years - my father

This weekend will be a time of reflecting and recalling a time that most women dread the most... losing their father. It will be two years this October 23rd that my father passed away.... away to be with the Lord he served and to be with his wife, my mother who had preceeded him just four months earlier. It was hardly a surprise that my father waited until my mother was gone on. He was the caregiver, the protector, the provider. He had survived illnesses and incidents that would have done most men in, but my father persevered to the end... quietly slipping away in the night. I could hardly be sad. My parents were entirely devoted to each other, showing us, their four children, what a loving and solid marriage was all about. We miss you, Daddy, but I know Mother is probably planning a wonderful Italian dinner for you as you both celebrate a time of togetherness. That's just how I see it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Department 56 Fall Home

Fall at my house... 
at least at my Department 56 house

I really enjoy "playing" with my Department 56 Snow Village. I've been a collector for about 25 years. 
Every year I buy one piece and a few small items for
decorating. My husband has been bitten by the bug as 
well, and for the past 15 years we have always enjoyed our
Christmas shopping trip together. We shopped for the boys, and then we shopped for the year's new building.
This particular piece I love because the home reminds me
of my aunt's home in Dallas, Texas.
I bought it for that very reason. 
 Aunt Rachael married my Uncle Joe and 
together they built the home they were 
in for 60 years. 
My mother lived with them throughout
her college years at SMU.
We all loved this home so much.
It is gone now, but my memories 
have always been wonderful.
I have a circular window in my living room
that is similar to Aunt Rachael's. 

I always wanted to enjoy my Snow Village pieces at a
time other than Christmas. Not all of them are 
adaptable, but I managed to make a stack of pumpkins
to cover Christmas wreaths here.
So much fun!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Show and Tell Friday - Chinese Pewter Teapot

Pewter Teapot from China

My husband's relatives were missionaries in China in the early 1930's. When war broke out there they were forced to leave and return home. They brought this teapot with them.
I feel fortunate that my husband inherited it.
I invision the work his relatives were doing and how they must have felt having to leave.
I wish I knew more about that period of time there
so if anyone has input, please comment.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Garten Verein - Galveston, Texas

My husband and I attended a lovely wedding this past Saturday in Galveston, Texas.
The ceremony and reception were held at
the Garten Verein. What a wonderful building that
has lived on in spite of three major hurricanes, including the
1900 Galveston Hurricane which I wrote about in a previous posting. This is what the we know about it...

The flamboyant octagonal Garten Verein (Garden Club) was the center of 19th-century refined social life in Galveston. Lit at night like a fairy lantern, dancing couples would swirl within as German waitresses served beer steins and sandwiches.

Built by Galveston's prosperous German community — but open to anyone who could afford the modest membership — the whimsically designed Victorian pavilion flew the flags of all nations, and sported a bowling green, exotically landscaped park, croquet grounds, an ornate fountain, and even a genteel zoo.

Galveston businessman Stanley Kempner bought the site in 1923 and donated it to the city as a public park dedicated to his parents.

In 1998, the Kempner Fund provided a $1 million restoration grant for the fanciful pavilion.

Galveston is still struggling a bit to recover from Hurricane Ike, but they are well on their way. It may have been a stroke of luck, but the beaches and water were outstanding. We stayed at the historic Hotel Galvez and thoroughly enjoyed the it all.

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