Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Missing Mexico

Viva Mexico!

Our business is in Mexico and we lived there for a few years to get everything established and our son set up to manage 
the operation. We have lived here in the U.S. now for 
nearly two years... but, oh how I miss those
wonderful times we had with our son and his family
and our friends. We traveled as much as we could
and built a ranch home for the family and our
business partners to enjoy.
We were just minutes away from favorite places:

* 5 minutes to our son and his family's home 

* 7 minutes from the beach - beautiful view and great food
* 15 minutes from our friends' beach homes

* 30 minutes from Manzanillo

* 60 minutes from Pinar de Cheyenne - palm trees, close-up view of the volcano, cool air

*180 minutes from Guadalajara - shopping, movies,
historic palaces and more!

I really miss the 

*12 minute drive to Rancho Don Pedro - our ranch
where we would barbecue with our son and his 
family, have dinner parties and just quiet play time
with our grandchildren. 

 Our grandchildren in Mexico
(Last day of school last July) 

 Join us at Little Red House
                                      for Mosaic Monday!!

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