Thursday, July 1, 2010

A tasty treat at Gavilanes in Guadalajara, Mexico

We usually enjoy this "starter"... or sometimes called botana in Mexico. We enjoy this dish which is simply boiled potato, cooked carrots, raw onion, raw jicima and pickled jalapenos mixed together in a bowl. It has the liquid from the pickled jalapeno poured over the vegetables and it is marinated. It is served slightly chilled.

The plate behind the bowl is a plate of sliced cucumbers, jicima and sections of oranges. This is so delicious with a little bit of sea salt sprinkled on top and fresh lime juice squeezed on top of that. There is always a tiny bowl of red chili powder available to sprinkle on this as well.

This is so easy to make and is a healthy and low-cal treat before a meal.

Gavilanes Restaurant is located on the outskirts  of Guadalajara, Mexico as you are driving south toward the Colima Autopista. In the city the road is Lopez Mateous. If you like lamb, you can have some the best you've ever eaten... grilled.

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Showing and Telling for Friday

I'm really excited about the sign that my friend painted for me for my booth at a local antiques mall. She did a great job, didn't she?
Thanks, Heather!

One of the first pictures of my booth.

I should have climbed up on a ladder to photograph this Jewel Tea Co. set, but I have a "thing" about ladders and height. The water pitcher on the left belonged to my grandmother, Jean. The rest of the set belonged to an old friend of my husband's mother. She invited us over one Sunday and gave it to me, saying that I had admired it once. I will always cherish it!

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