Thursday, March 3, 2011

MacKenzie-Childs Children's Enamelware - What a find!

I love MacKenzie-Childs!
I've bought this set for my own grandchildren. I think they're so cute. A set today will cost about $66.
I have a booth at a consignment shop... which of course
allows me to spend some time shopping. I came across this set for $10.

This is the MacKenzie-Childs label.
I love it! (oops! Think I already said it.)

But don't you think I was one lucky shopper the day I bought this?
Now I call myself a "rescuer".
I pledge to "rescue" MacKenzie-Childs Children's Enamelware.
(Now I won't feel guilty with my purchases. I am actually collecting these for my grandchildren for a wall grouping.)

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