Friday, April 15, 2011

The "Pinks" of Tlaquepaque!

On our recent visit to Tlaquepaque, Mexico
we stayed at our favorite B&B - Quinta Don Jose.
I am going to confess that it was about our 20th stay there.
Having lived only a three-hour drive from there for three years I can confess it is a retreat made in heaven.
The accomodations, the landscaping and even the food are all prefection.

I enjoy gazing at this statue always adorned with flowers, listening to the relaxing sound of running water all the while
enjoying a wonderful breakfast. My husband and I map out
our plans for the day whether it be shopping, sightseeing or travel.

The flowers are gorgeous!

The atmosphere is for those who enjoy quiet time when it is time for quiet, yet the flow of other B&B'ers from all over the world allow you to either make new friends or just people watch while enjoying superb tequila, cold beer, or any beverage of your choice.

The colors are invigorating, allowing for time to relax and reguvenate.

Looking forward to our next visit which will be
in May!

I am joining in on Beverly's 
Pink Saturday

at How Sweet the Sound