Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Favorites!

Favorite Movie Line I Can’t Remember: I think someone must have said, "It is what it is", but I'm not sure who...

Favorite Movie Dancing Scene: Any movie with John Travolta

Favorite Eye Makeup Trick: Laura Mercier's eye makeup base. Can't live without it!

Favorite Makeup: Laura Mercier - buy at Sephora. It's a little cheaper there.

Favorite Expression: “Snap out of it!” or "Get a grip"... neither of which I am good at.

Favorite Place to Not Spend Money: Home... I just try to stay home somedays for a no-spend day.

Favorite Thing to Say to sons: "Come and eat!"

Favorite High School Perfume: White Shoulders

Favorite Expression for Looking for Treasures: Look around

Favorite Winter Clothing Color: Black

Favorite Summer Clothing Color: Creme

Favorite High School Beauty Tool That I Want To Try Again: Cream blush

Favorite High School Eyeliner: Very soft brown pencil

Favorite Current Eyeliner: Loreal liquid pencil - dark brown

Favorite High School Handbag: Usually bought at Ben Franklin's

Favorite Current Bag: Vera Bradley, Tous, Coach

Favorite Notebook: Spiral green notbook... almost like a diary that I have been using since 1982. I must have 25 books by now... at least!

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