Thursday, February 23, 2012

Off to Olivia, Texas!

Olivia, Texas ca. 1915
(Top left photo - reunion at the Mabel and Otto Peterson homestead; top right - Lutheran Church; Bottom photo - Mabel and Otto with son Arvid)

Mabel Magnolia Cavallin, of Wayne, Republic of Kansas married Otto Peterson, from Resville, Sweden. Mabel and Otto made their home in Olivia, Texas. They bought a “pre-fab” home from Sears and Roebuck and assembled it on their home site. Although the house has been sold and removed, the land is still in the family and a new home has replaced the old one. Mabel and Otto had two sons: Arvid Verner the baby in the picture, and Edwin Ludvig. Edwin remained on the property, keeping Mabel and Otto’s home in good condition. Cattle continue to graze on the land. The property is on Keller Bay where fishing can be enjoyed by family and friends. (Taken from the family history book.)

Why am I writing about all of this?

Because on a whim, my husband and I have decided to
drive to Olivia for the weekend... just us!
It's only a five hour drive north.
No reunion, no masses of people, no schedule.

It's called

"R & R"

This is a sunset view of Keller Bay. My niece, DeAnn, a talented professional photographer, took this amazing picture of the bay where my husband's father learned to fish, making his own cast nets. Keller Bay was a wonderful place to raise a family.

My husband and I at the end of the pier on Keller Bay which was designed and built by family members. The new house is located in that cluster of trees.
(One of the times when I wonder what I was thinking when I bought this blouse!)

So be thinking about us this weekend.

We'll be:

* fishing

* eating at our favorite restaurant
(BEST fried shrimp and BEST fried corn on the cob)


* antiquing at two of my favorite stores!


I'm linking to
The Charm of Home
for this reminds me of the charm at the
Peterson Homestead in Olivia, Texas!