Monday, November 9, 2009

The Mess!

My husband, son and I, left behind the craziness of the home "redo" for a weekend at the deer lease in deep south Texas. No hunting this weekend, just some much needed R&R.

But this is what we had to face this Monday morning!

There just doesn't seem to be any way to deal with this mess unless you hire a moving company to come in and pack you up for the duration. I told my husband that if we had been in high cotton this year, that is exactly what we would have done! Actually I am learning that this is a lesson in endurance.

The painters will be back tomorrow, so will the electrician and also the carpenter. Also the backsplash will be put in and hopefully the dishwasher. The cooktop was returned because of some defective spots and a scratch.  A new one is on its way. The BIG deal tomorrow will be staining the kitchen island... something black with copper undertones. We shall see....

Thanks to my sweet neighbor, Laura, who came down and settled my nerves and helped get me on the right track with the paint.