Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White is everything!

White Wednesday

White is a color I truly respect.
I want it glaring and shiny.
I want it clean and pristene.
I want it crisp and starched.

I want it in my home.

I want to wear it.

I want to smell white sheets, towels, clothes
fresh from the clothesline.

I want to taste it:
fresh bread from the oven
white frosting on a white cake
white sea salt
white meringue on my dear friend's pie

I want to rejoice in the white parts of our lives
and look for the white in the dark parts.

I want to hear the coo of a white dove

I will cherish the white birds in a nest from a sweet, close friend

Yes... white is everything!

Evjoying my brown transferware on white and
joining Faded Charm for
White Wednesday!
Come have a "look-see"!