Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Colors of Today

When life just becomes a little too much "life"...
we head to the deer lease... or "ranch" as we call it.
It's only an hour and fifteen minutes from our home to our
"ranch home".
It's been bone dry with searing heat these past few months,
but just last week the ranch received 2 1/2" inches of the
precious wet stuff.
What a difference!
The grass was actually green.
So beautiful and so peaceful.

Then... we came home to a breath-taking
glow in the sky.
I couldn't actually see the sun as it was setting because I
was working on this 'yer blog.
I grabbed my camera and ran outside to catch
that glow. I found two fireflies who were
flying around enjoying the evening too.

I could actually see the face in the moon as well.
Such gorgeous colors.

And then I turned and saw through the window the view into our breakfast nook where I sit
to doing my blogging.

I just stood there and stared at it.
The room isn't perfect ... nothing in particular on the walls,
but the room glowed that golden orangy-yellow
that I see in so many pictures on my favorite blogs.

It truly made me feel warm inside.
And, yes...

"God's in his heaven...."

Now for some exquisite photos of fabulous colors
visit Little Red House!
You'll find me there enjoying this blog and others.